One of the most personal voices on the Basque music scene, she bore his name since he published her album Anari in 1996. Since then, she has recorded the albums Habiak, Zebra, Irla Izan or Tus criminal records and Epilogo bat.

Although in her twenty-year career she has performed with multiple musicians, she has accompanied them since the beginning, among others, Mikel Txopeitia, Xabier Olazabal or Karlos Osinaga. Along with her broken and soft voice, they have created the personal sound that is Anari.

Along her fertile plain, her collaborations with other artists have also been numerous. Precisely, her latest work is a single shared with the American singer and songwriter Thalia Zedek.

In her work you can hear, among others, echoes of artists who have had a profound influence on her from the beginning, such as Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen or Pj Harvey; that she has associated teachers with voices from the Basque tradition such as Mikel Laboa or Ruper Ordorika.

Since its inception, specialized critics have placed her musical career among the most important voices in Euskal Herria. In 2018 she received the ADARRA Award, an example of recognition for her career. Today, however, there are those who, taking into account the poetic and literary value of her words, also place her in a significant place in the panorama of our literature.

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