Suaia eta Ama Rebel


The band Suaia eta Ama Rebel was born in 2016 in the jungle of Biscay, the result of the union of the raggamuffin-dancehall of Suaia (North Kodigo, Esne Beltza, Askapen Sound …) and the roots-reggae veteran Ama Rebel.

Recently, his first album, “Raggamuffin Kamarada”, has been released, a well-cared work for which they have surrounded themselves with the best equipment. Recorded and produced by the renowned producer Roberto Sánchez in the studio A-Lone Ark Muzik, this work has been mastered by Ibon Larruzea in the studio Euridia, and for the artwork they have had Ribo, who has given him that raggamuffiner finish with his comic created from the Raggamuffin Kamarada theme. The latter has been the single chosen for the promotional video clip, in lyric-video format.

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