“Koban” CD

Disc release year: 2018

Recording: Shot Grabaciones / Elektrika Grabaketak

Production: Ander Barriuso / Mikel Makala

Mastering: 2 Noisy Estudioa / Oihan Lizaso eta Aritz Guerra

Design: Lubaki Grafik Faktory / Unai Bergara




KOBAN released their debut album in 2018, mixing electronic music and different forms of jazz like swing-era, soul or manouche and touring from the Basque country, to Paris, Barcelona or Galicia… The challenge of the band is to find new ways to dance with five female voices, synthesizers, piano and guitars and trikitixa (basque typical instrument). They are currently preparing their next work combining different styles and rhythms.

The group gave their first concert in Donostia in 2016 and since then they have organized a machine and dance concerts. In the cave are: Onintza Rojas (trikitixa and voice), Joseba Salbide (electronics), Eli Beraza (piano and voice), Rakel Arenaza (synthesizers and voice), Xalba Ramirez (guitar), Esti Beraza (voice and percussion) and Maddi Gerriko (in voice and percussion).